Parent Education

Parenting can be incredibly overwhelming. . .

Parents are overwhelmed with too little and then too much information. Parents worry that they are losing control over the influences on their children. They struggle to balance the demands of raising children in today’s fast paced, high pressured times. Parents experience conflict over differences in parenting styles and pressure from the advice and expectations of others.

Parenting does not have to be an ongoing and overwhelming struggle. You can raise remarkable children who are capable, confident, responsible, and compassionate. You can have a family that is connected and resilient.

So why is it overwhelming?

Capable, caring parents are struggling and it’s no surprise. The traditions and child rearing approaches that may have worked for generations past no longer work in todays world of fast paced change, pop culture influences, and expanding opportunities. Most parents have no training in child development. Generic parenting books, workshops, and talk shows fail to take into consideration each family’s unique situation and the unique age and stage of the child.

Now is the time to take action…

Parent coaching will help you create real answers for your family. Parents need a sound foundation based on guiding principles that can be tailored to any situation, any time, with any child. Parents need a plan that allows them to respond with confidence and resilience to the ever-changing demands of growing children.

Coaching makes a difference…

It’s about you, your needs, your situation, your solution It’s about now, you’ll move to immediate action Unlike classes, books, and TV talk shows, we stay with you until you are living your solution Phone coaching saves you time, it allows you to connect with your coach from wherever you are You are plugged into a life line of expertise and experience Together, we create real answers to your dilemmas that will eliminate your frustration and strengthens your family. Imagine, your own personal parent coach who brings expertise and unconditional support . . . who helps you translate information into real solutions that work for you and your family. If you would like to know more about how we can help you, contact Maria Abercrombie at (770) 313-0129.

‘The future depends on what we do in the present.’ – Mahatma Gandi

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find time for coaching in my busy schedule?

The 45 minute phone coaching sessions are scheduled at your convenience with your coach.

What does it cost?

Our coaching fee is $110 per 45-minute session and unlimited access to your coach between sessions.

Who uses this service?

Our clients are parents, residing in the United States, who are committed to raising self-reliant, confident, capable children. Our clients report that they are overwhelmed with too little and too much information, feel they are losing control over the influences on their children, and are struggling to balance the demands of raising children in today’s fast paced, high pressured world.

Our clients are caring, discerning parents who want to be intentional about the choices they make for their children. They seek multiple resources in an effort to be fully informed, but can be overwhelmed by the difficulty bridging the gap between information and implementation. Parenting book scenarios never quite match the complexities and uniqueness of what’s happening in your home.

We work with parents from diverse family structures with children spanning the developmental spectrum and presenting a wide range of dilemmas. Together we get to the heart of family dilemmas and create solutions that work in the short term and the long term.

Our clients may be in the middle of a family crisis in which their next steps can lead to escalating issues or meaningful resolution. Or, they may be at the very beginning of their parenting journey, seeking to be proactive and wanting to optimize their child’s full potential.

Parents at all points on the spectrum of child rearing seek our expert guidance to ensure a positive outcome for the whole family. They find comfort knowing that their coach has helped them map out a plan for the future that leads to self-reliant children and a respectful family life.

Can my partner be involved?

Absolutely! Coaching is most effective when both parents are involved.

What will be covered in the coaching session?

You will determine how you would like to use your coaching session. Your coach is prepared to respond to your needs and maximize your time together.